Our Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) program is developed to help students produce high quality research. The steps below were designed to try to accomplish this efficiently, while providing students with a reasonably broad training in several areas of Computer Science.

The PhD program proceeds in three phases:

During the first phase, students take courses, write a Master's paper, and take an oral Master's exam. In the second phase, students work independently to identify specific research questions of interest, master the relevant literature, and take an oral candidacy exam. And during the third phase, students do independent research and write and defend a dissertation. Throughout the process students document successful research in research publications as well as in their doctoral dissertations.

Exceptions to these requirements will be made only in the most extenuating of circumstances. Students planning to petition for an exception should first consult their advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies. Minor exceptions require approval of the Graduate Committee. Major exceptions require approval of the entire faculty. No exceptions can be made to the University requirements.

Computational Mathematics track

Students interested in Computational Mathematics can follow a separate track during the first phase.  Learn more ... 

Joint Math/CS PhD Program

In Winter 2018, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science launched a joint program through which participating students can earn the degree of Ph. D. in Mathematics and Computer Science.  Learn more ...