The Graduate Committee will meet to evaluate our students' progress at least once a quarter. Evaluations will be based on input from the student, her advisor, and course instructors, as appropriate. Every student will be evaluated at least once a year on the following schedule: students in their fifth year and beyond will be evaluated in the autumn; third and fourth year students will be evaluated in the winter; and first and second year students will be evaluated in the spring. Students who are struggling will be evaluated more frequently.

Following the Graduate Committee's evaluation, each student will receive a letter indicating whether he is making satisfactory progress, and whether he is meeting the obligations of his support. Students who are not
making satisfactory progress will be given clear instructions on what must
be accomplished to remain in the program. Students who are remiss in their
obligations will be warned, and in severe cases may lose a fraction of their
support. Students who are unable to raise their performance to a satisfactory
level within a reasonable amount of time will be asked to leave the program.