MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP) Celebrates Five Years

April 06, 2020

Former Mayor of Philadelphia Michael A. Nutter addresses CAPP students on cities, technology, and policy in January 2020 (from @UChicagoCAPP Twitter account).

Since 2014, the Masters of Science in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (CAPP) program has graduated students equally passionate about data-driven problem-solving and community impact. But the program, offered jointly by UChicago CS and the Harris School of Public Policy, has gone much farther than co-founder Anne Rogers, associate professor at UChicago CS, ever anticipated. 

“They do an amazing range of work,’’ Rogers said. “I am insanely proud of the CAPP alums.’’

A new feature on the Harris website looks at where the first CAPP class — and students who followed — landed after acheiving their degrees. From data science for the City of Minneapolis to research projects fighting homelessness, disease, and educational inequality, CAPP graduates have gone on to apply their unique skillset to some of the world's most important challenges. 

“I just think that together we’ve created something very special," Rogers said. "I genuinely think CAPP is a special opportunity and everyone who participates contributes to that.’’

Read the full feature or learn more about the CAPP program at their website.