‘CERES comes to life!’ - Autumn 2016 Newsletter

November 15, 2016

CERES comes to life! After many months of hard work by our faculty with a set of bold, visionary partners, together we launched the CERES Center for Unstoppable Computing in January 2016. As the CERES Director, it’s exciting to see the many interesting projects and burgeoning faculty-company researcher relationships take off quickly!  This early energy and success is a great validation of the potency of our Unstoppable Computing vision, the extraordinary corporate partners and faculty, and an indication of great things to come!  Here are a few highlights of what we’ve accomplished in just eight months since our inaugural research summit:

  • Two dynamic Research summits!  January 2016, July 2016 over 60 researchers at each, and with strong representation from our Partners and Members, growing from 14 (January) to 20 (July).
  • Launched 8 new projects in data analytics, machine learning, software bug finding and tolerance, trustworthy cloud computation, and data management. These projects are compelling and garnered enthusiastic support from our terrific partners and members. Thanks Huawei, Argonne, NetApp, and Citadel!

Its early days for CERES, but we’re all looking forward to what these projects will grow into!  Now, we’re already into the intern hiring season for next summer; all partners have received a list of CERES students considering summer internships; many students will settle their summer plans as early as December-January!

At the July summit, we agreed to shift the bi-annual research summits to a September – March schedule, so our next Research Summit will be in March 2017!

Andrew A. Chien, CERES Director
Hyde Park, October 2016

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