UChicago CS Makes a Splash at ASPLOS 2018

March 02, 2018

The annual ASPLOS (Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems) conference is "the premier forum for multidisciplinary systems research spanning computer architecture and hardware, programming languages and compilers, operating systems and networking." In 2018, the University of Chicago will have a major presence at this interdisciplinary systems conference, including a keynote talk, five peer-reviewed papers (10 percent of all accepted papers), and a workshop. 

Seymour Goodman Professor Fred Chong will give a keynote talk on the importance of architecture, operating systems, and programming languages in realizing a practical quantum computer. (Prof. Chong is PI of a recently awarded NSF Expedition on the topic). UChicago students Haopeng Liu, Shu Wang, Nikita Mishra (PhD '17), and Bernard Dickens III will present papers done in collaboration with fellow students Guangpu Li, Chi Li, and Connor Imes under the supervision of professors Shan Lu, Henry Hoffmann, Haryadi Gunawi, and Ariel Feldman. Shan Lu now reigns as the most published author of ASPLOS papers over its four-decade history. In addition Prof. Hoffmann is the program chair of the ASPLOS Workshop on Approximate Computing (WAX).

The University of Chicago papers cover a wide range of essential systems issues from the large to small scale: detecting bugs in cloud systems, managing memory in big data applications, automating software configuration management, minimizing energy for embedded applications, and speeding up secure storage on mobile devices. In addition to presenting cutting edge research, this work demonstrates the collaborative, interdisciplinary nature of the department combining expertise on architecture, control theory, machine learning, storage systems, security, cloud computing, software reliability and program analysis. The specific papers to be presented are:

FCatch: Automatically detecting time-of-fault bugs in cloud systems

Haopeng Liu (University of Chicago); Xu Wang (Beihang University); Guangpu Li (University of Chicago); Shan Lu (University of Chicago); Feng Ye (Huawei US R&D Center); Chen Tian (Huawei US R&D Center)

Skyway: Connecting Managed Heaps in Distributed Big Data Systems

Khanh Nguyen (University of California, Irvine); Lu Fang (Facebook); Christian Navasca (University of California, Irvine);  Guoqing Harry Xu (University of California, Irvine); Brian Demsky (University of California, Irvine); Shan Lu (University of Chicago)

Understanding and Auto-Adjusting Performance-Sensitive Configurations

Shu Wang (University of Chicago); Chi Li (University of Chicago); William Sentosa (Bandung Institute of Technology); Henry Hoffmann (University of Chicago); Shan Lu (University of Chicago); Achmad Imam Kistijantoro (Bandung Institute of Technology)

CALOREE: Learning Control for Predictable Latency and Low Energy

Nikita Mishra (University of Chicago); Connor Imes (University of Chicago); John D Lafferty (Yale); Henry Hoffmann (University of Chicago)

StrongBox: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Performance using Stream Ciphers for Full Drive Encryption

Bernard Dickens III (University of Chicago); Haryadi S. Gunawi (University of Chicago); Ariel J. Feldman (University of Chicago); Henry Hoffmann (University of Chicago)

The conference will be held March 24-28 in Williamsburg, Va.