UChicago Primed for a Leap in Quantum Research

May 10, 2018

Until recently, quantum computing was more speculative theory than feasible technology. But scientific advancements and growing corporate investments have brought quantum computers closer to reality, and these systems may soon compete with or even surpass conventional machines on certain complicated tasks. 

A new feature highlights the leading role of the University of Chicago in this quantum revolution, from the physics and engineering advances at the Chicago Quantum Exchange to the development of new software, hardware, and algorithms at EPIQC, a research group led by UChicago CS Professor Fred Chong. EPIQC and efforts such as the Quantum Information Science and Engineering Network will also help to train the next generation of scientists needed to design, program, and apply this powerful new technology.

“These are important questions for university scientists and engineers, because this underlying physics will ultimately determine the limits of quantum technologies,” says Prof. David Awschalom of the Institute for Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago in the article. “To answer these questions, we  need groups of computer scientists, engineers and physicists working together.”

Read the full article at UChicago News or watch a video on UChicago's quantum research.