UChicago Startup Tharzen Demystifies Website Content Management

December 06, 2019

Even after the design and launch of a new website, maintaining that site can cost businesses a lot of time, money, and resources. The idea behind Tharzen, a startup founded by UChicago postdoctoral researcher Mikael Mayer and Booth School student Aseem Bhardwaj, is to make it much easier for business to edit and update their websites, using advances in AI and programming. 

In a new article from the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Mayer and Bhardwaj describe the creation of their company and Thaditor, their tool that makes editing easier for both experienced programmers and end users.

“Thaditor is entirely visual,” said Mayer, who works with UChicago CS Assistant Professor Ravi Chugh. “You don’t have to move from screen to screen and navigate a complicated interface. You’re able to create drafts and make direct edits yourself, even on your phone. I was watching my kid play at the park recently, and made edits to the Tharzen website right there.”

Their work so far has earned Tharzen a place in the Polsky Center summer accelerator program and the finals of the George Schultz Innovation Fund, an annual Polsky competition that invests in new startups from UChicago faculty and students. 

Read more about Tharzen at the Polsky Center website.