Recent Graduates

Angela Wuu, graduated in June 2018 with Joint Math/CS PhD

Christopher Bun

Zhihao Lou: Conversant Inc, Data Scientist

Lamont Samuels, graduated in August 2016: Masters Program in Computer Science Lectuerer

Timothy Armstrong, graduated in June 2015: Cloudera

Pooya Hatami, graduated in June 2015: Joint Postdoc at Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) at Princeton, and at DIMACS at Rutgers

Dennis Pankratov, graduated in June 2015: Postdoc at the University of Toronto

Quan Pham, graduated in August 2014: Allianz Australia Insurance Limited

Zhao Zhang, graduated in June 2014: Texas Advanced Computing Center

Atilla Soner Balkir, graduated in December 2013: Google

Ankan Saha, graduated in August 2013: LinkedIn

Matthew Rocklin, graduated in August 2013: Continuum Analytics

Maia Fraser, graduated in August 2013: Postdoc at the University of Toronto

Lars Bergstrom, graduated in June 2013: Researcher at Mozilla

Pratik Worah, graduated in June 2013: Postdoc at Courant Institute (NYU)

Eric Purdy, graduated in March 2013: Vicarious, a start up company

Matthew Hammer, graduated in December 2012: Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Sravana Reddy, graduated in August 2012: Hess Fellow in Computer Science at Wellesley College

Morgan Sonderegger, graduated in August 2012: Assistant Professor at McGill University

Josh Grochow, graduated in June 2012: Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute

Parinya Chalermsook, graduated in June 2012: Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Aalto University (Finland)

Ross Girshick, graduated in June 2012: Researcher at Microsoft Research

Ozgur Sumer, graduated in March 2012

Duru Turkoglu, graduated in March 2012: Instructor in the School of Computing at DePaul University

Sonjia Waxmonsky, graduated in December 2011: Senior Statistical Modeler at LexisNexis

Xueyuan Zhou, graduated in December 2011