Department of Computer Science Bx/MS Program: Admissions Requirements

Students must apply to the joint program, and be selected by a departmental committee. Prior to applying interested candidates must meet with their major advisor (Dr. Diana Franklin for CS majors), Dr. Borja Sotomayor, the CS department Bx/MS advisor, and their College advisor.

Applicants are expected to have earned a 3.5 average or be able to provide a compelling explanation for why they should be considered. Applicants who are not CS majors must have completed one of CMSC 12100, CMSC 15100 or CMSC 16100 and one of CMSC 12200, CMSC 15200, CMSC 16200, CMSC 27100, CMSC 27130 or CMSC 37110 with at least a B+ average in the two.  Also, students must have finished or nearly finished their Core programs. Applicants cannot have more than one or two Core courses left to complete in their fourth year. 

Third year students interested in entering the program for the 2018-19 academic year should submit the following to  Katie Rosengarten (krosengarten at uchicago dot edu) by email:

 Also, students must have two letters of recommendation. Students interested in Options 1 and 2 must include at least one letter from an instructor in a CS course. Students interested in Option 3 must include at least one letter that addresses the student's quantitative and technical skills.

Recommenders must e-mail their letters directly to Ms. Rosengarten. Separately, students must send a scanned signed waiver form to Ms. Rosengarten for each letter of recommendation.

All application materials are due no later than Friday, February 23rd at 5pm.

Students interested in Option 1 should use their personal statements to describe either a specific project or the kinds of projects that would be of interest and to identify specific faculty as potential Bx/MS advisors.  Students interested in Options 2 and 3 should use their personal statements to describe their career goals and explain how participating in this program will help them meet their goals.

When completing the checklist, please include any courses you have taken and intend to use towards the degree along with the grade you received, any such courses that you are currently taking, and, to the best of your ability, a proposed course plan for next year. You may assume that the core courses will be offered in the same quarters as this year. We will not know which electives will be offered before the application deadline, so you may have to leave that section blank.

First and second year students who are interested in these programs should contact their major advisor (Dr. Diana Franklin for CS majors) or Dr. Borja Sotomayor, the CS Department Bx/MS advisor to discuss appropriate course plans.