The Computer Science Department offers three BA/MS and BS/MS degree options (simply Bx/MS, hereafter):

  • a research-oriented option for Computer Science majors,
  • a professionally-oriented option for Computer Science majors, 
  • a professionally-oriented option for non-CS majors.

Students in Option 1 complete PhD-level coursework and a research-oriented MS paper as part of their degree, while students in Options 2 and 3 complete professionally-oriented coursework, mostly drawn from the department’s Masters Program in Computer Science.

In this program, students complete all or nearly all their undergraduate requirements in their first three years of study, and their graduate requirements in a fourth year of study. As such, this program is only open to outstanding undergraduates who are on track to complete their BA/BS requirements by the end of their third year (with, at most, 2-3 undergraduate courses left to complete during their fourth year). Students apply in the Winter of their third year in the College.